Real Time Locating System

The indoor GPS network with 10cm accuracy.

Using Ultra – Wideband (UWB) technology, smart algorithms and machine learning we achieve a much higher accuracy than traditional positioning systems like WiFi, bluetooth, RFID or GPS. 

With analytic software and integration support for your ERP system.

A nice NXP summary video, explaining the possibility of Ultra Wide band, the basis technology that RTLS relies on!

Key Features

Real time data display

Comprehensive data analytics

Search, record and replay functions

cameraman in protective mask and glasses filming video


  • High precision positioning of objects in a complex production environment
  • Immediately identification right location of the component, tools or team member 
  • Efficiency and clarity of data presentation
  • Full transparency of the material flow optimized workflow
  • Production with a mix of low and high volume
  • The coverage of large territories inside and outside 
  • Identification of actual hours spend on the project
  • Automated material flow without conveyor technology
photo of man in bubble jacket while holding tablet computer


  • Reduce losses from routing errors and improper handling of goods 
  • Immediately identification right location of the container, forklift or team member
  • Identification of bottlenecks and analyze material flow to shorten throughput
  • Comply with the delivery time of transit goods
  • Investigate disputed cases, identify the perpetrators, receive objective evidence
  • Control of rolling stock, workpiece status and location
  • Make a working place safer
grocery cart with item


  • Recognise “hot” and “cold” areas and discover “blind spots” in your store
  • Ability to sell “hot” shelfs to brands,
  • Track analysis to waiting durations at the supermarket checkouts
  • Movement control of the valuable goods,
  • Control contractors on site,
  • Child protection solution in shopping centre,
  • Immediately identification right location of the person or object
  • Comply with the delivery time of transit goods
medical equipment on an operation room


  • High level and effective security for staff and patient
  • Effective control contractors and visitors on site
  • Movement control of the valuable goods
  • Patient traceability system,
  • Special facility access control
  • Immediately identification location of the right person or object
  • Comply with the delivery time of transit goods
  • Effective evacuation and movements visibility
  • Full analytics report of all movements and replay option
photo of oil rig platform

Oil and Gas

  • Reduce and prevent the possibilities of accidents and emergencies .
  • Instant detect of emergency situation.
  • Determine the exact location of dangerous objects in the emergency zone.
  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency / emergency response and their consequences.
  • Objectively investigate the causes of accidents and emergency situations.
  • Strengthen your position in legal disputes.
  • Strengthen the protection of protected areas and objects.
  • Monitor subcontractors on site.
  • Immediately identification right location of the person or object.